Copenhagen Street Ride

On May 27 and 28, we will have the first-ever Copenhagen Street Ride! CSR, as we call it for short, is a chill weekend geared towards urban riders of all disciplines from across Europe. Come begin the start of summer in an epic way by joining all of your friends in the city with tons of character: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Please register now! You will not pay the event fee, just reserve a place for yourself. Once we finalize the event fee (see “Cost and Registration” below), the fee will cover accommodation Friday and Saturday and/or six meals (dinner Friday, breakfast+lunch+dinner Saturday, and breakfast+lunch Sunday). The event accommodation will be centered in Roskilde, which is about 20 minutes by train from the Copenhagen central station.

To get on the email list for the event or to send in questions or comments, please see the “Contact” section below. Or check us out on Facebook and make a post there!

Cost and Registration

The tentative fees for CSR are as follows:

  • Food (6 meals): 15 EUR
  • Accommodation (2 nights): 15 EUR – 35 EUR

The current accommodation fee is unknown because we are still working with the Roskilde Commune to get funding for the event. We expect to receive support from the commune, but if we do not then the maximum fee for the event will be 50 EUR. Any budget surplus will go to a local unicycling organization.

Registration is open! You should register now by going to this form. You will not be paying any fee at this time, just registering for the event. Reservations after April 30 will not be guaranteed accommodation. Spots in the school will be reserved based on who pays their fee first, and the fee payment will be done via PayPal after we have finalized the commune’s support.

Attendance List

Curious to see who else is coming to CSR? Check out the attendance list here.

Schedule and Venue

The accommodation will be centered in Roskilde, Denmark, which is about 20 minutes away from the Copenhagen city center by train. We are confirming reservations with the Roskilde Tekniske Skole, which is right next to the Musicon recreational area. This area is unlike any other, because it is a large space that has been designed for urban sports (parkour, skateboarding, etc.). It also has lights, and so there can be riding well into the night. 😉

It so pretty yasssss.
The Ragnarock Museum offers a perfect space for night flat sessions. Just around the corner is the skate park and a bunch of features for trials. Photo © Ossip van Duivenbode, taken from here.

The tentative event schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 26

  • 18:00 – Accommodation opens
  • 20:00 – Dinner

Saturday, May 27

  • 09:00 – Breakfast + make packed lunches
  • 10:00 – Train to Copenhagen for day ride
  • 20:00 – Dinner
  • 22:00 – Movie Night

Sunday, May 28

  • 09:00 – Breakfast + make packed lunches
  • 10:00 – Clean up school
  • 11:00 – Train to Copenhagen for day ride


For questions, comments, or to ask to be added to the email contact list, please send an email via the contact form on this page. Hope to see you soon!