About Me

We all have stories to tell. And all of our stories are framed through the way we look at the world. When I look out, I see adventure. Possibility. An interesting experience lurking just around a corner that will hurtle into you and make you spill your coffee on yourself and stain your new shirt. Perhaps an experience that, at first, does not seem ideal. But from that experience, we grow. From that experience, we learn.

I am here to share my stories, to share my adventures. Because even if you can’t come along with me and see the sights from where I am, I may at least be able to impart a small portion of my experiences to you. And thus the wonder, the awe, the joy, that I may have felt at that time is appreciated not only once, but twice. I think there is something magical about that.

I welcome you to read through the stories and opinions that I put on this blog. They will be varied, sometimes dealing with some of my more nerdy pursuits (open-source Python modules on GitHub are the best, am I right!?), sometimes reviewing a travel trip, or perhaps just stating an opinion of mine that I had and felt like sharing with the world. I hope that reading the posts here makes you feel energized and positive and perhaps even sparks a little desire in you to take an adventure of your own.

The world is a big place. Let’s go see it. It’s adventure time.

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Jenni Rinker is a mechanical engineer working in wind energy near Copenhagen, Denmark. She enjoys a strangely vast variety of things, involving both coding/technical pursuits and activities including (but not limited to) mountain unicycling, trekking, international travel, rock climbing, reading fiction, and ultimate frisbee. She also has a long-standing habit of volunteering for event organization positions, especially with unicycling conventions. She received her B.S. in Engineering in 2011 from Harvey Mudd College and her M.S./Ph.D. in Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 2014/2016. Her current bucket list items include being an extra in a movie, going to stunt school, and trekking in Peru, Mongolia, and/or Nepal.