A Weekend in London

Early last December, I traveled to London for a long-promised unicycling weekend with “the lads” and Meg. Sadly for me, I couldn’t ride during the weekend (brought the wrong unicycle parts — classic Rinker), but I still managed to eat delicious food, see cool things, and hang out with amazing people.

I’m keeping this post short and very picture-centered, since I think (at least for this trip) the pictures tell the story better than my stunted words ever could. If you like the pictures you see here, check out the full collection of pictures in the Flickr album. Lastly, there is also a riding edit at the very end of this post that shows some cool people doing cool things on unicycles.

Watch out, the zombies are on their way.
Abandoned places, normally dominated by bustling people and the energy of human activity, always strike me as interesting. Seeing the vacant Christianshavn Metro station was no different, even though I had to get up at 4:00 AM to experience it.
Warms and fuzzies all around
I think England will forever have a warm place in my heart, and when I saw this sign stepping off the plane in the Luton airport, I smiled and had to snap a picture. Cuppa love. <3
Seriously. So good.
The first thing Simon and Meg did upon meeting me in East London was to take me to The Gallery Cafe for brunch. Ho. Ly. Crap. One of the best breakfasts that I’ve had in a long time. The pancakes (which sadly aren’t pictured) were beyond incredible. And the best part? It’s a vegan cafe, so I got to enjoy incredibly delicious food at a charity-driven cafe completely and utterly guilt-free.
It's like Narnia! With graffiti!
There is something uniquely compact, dense, and complicated about London. Every alleyway, every side street, hides something that you could just as easily miss as spot. You never know what is hiding just around the corner.
Merry Christmas, every one.
And what would a good time be without good derpy friends? Combine TNanks with the best winter unicycling cup in history, and I think we’ve got a winner.
Nothing could possibly go wrong.
We invented a new sport on the way home from the pub. I call it “partner nightkour”. It’s gonna be a big hit, trust me.
A flat sesh, because no unicycling weekend is complete without some jogz on one wheel.
I think we only lacked about three pizzas before Meg would have been completely lost behind the boxes. And in traditional unicycle fashion, we ate it all. In about a day. #pizzaislife
What are these, apartments for ants?
Every time I walked into Simon and Meg’s apartment, I had to stop to look across the street. Could these buildings be real? They look more like doll houses than real buildings.
Polaroidal? Polaroidic? Not sure what the correct adjective is here.
And at the end of the weekend, all that was left was some memories, empty pizza boxes, and polaroidal souvenirs. It was a great weekend, and I look forward to doing it again sometime soon.

Looking for more unicycling-related content from this weekend in London? Check out the edit I made from the lads as they jogged it in:

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