Listen to This: Rock Edition

I listen to a variety of music, but the broadband genre called “rock” has long been and continues to be my favorite category of music to listen to. From soothing, soul-touching bluesy rock to head-banging metal, the genre has it all. And it’s a crying shame that so much amazing music is out there, but never makes it to the radio to be consumed by “the masses”. To counteract that, at least a little bit, here is a brief collection of my favorite rock songs that you might not have heard before. Plug in, turn up, and rock out, audiophiles!

Song 1: Animal by Badflower

I was out-of-this-world excited when I heard this song in a Spotify playlist. Badflower is a fairly new band, just formed in 2013, and their sparse discography reflects their young age. However, the few songs they do have are all fantastic. The sound is reminiscent of rock of ages past, and the lead vocals by Josh Katz are on-point. Smooth vocals mixed with a slower beat, pulsing drums, and some fantastic screaming made Animal a no-brainer addition to this list. I downloaded this whole album for offline listening on Spotify, and I have listened to it on repeat for many a bus and train ride. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Song 2: 11:11 by Dinosaur Pile-Up

Hailing from Leeds, England, Dinosaur Pile-Up is next on my list with their killer track 11:11. The song begins with a light guitar riff that is rather simple but infinitely catchy. The riff transitions into some heavier, beat-centered drums and vocals that have me pulsing my head every single time I give this track a listen. The only downside I’ve found with this band is that the other songs on this album do not feature the same heavy depth that I enjoy so much in 11:11. So for now, Dinosaur Pile-Up is a one-hit-wonder for me. Regardless, I think this is a great track and I highly recommend you give it a listen.

Song 3: Mr. MTV by Nothing More

And last (but absolutely not least): Mr. MTV by Nothing More. Nothing More is a sharp contrast to Dinosaur Pile-Up in that I love EVERYTHING from this self-titled album. This band is special: they manage to write songs that perfectly balance good music with philosophical messages that will leave you staring at the wall, lost in thought. Mr. MTV is a perfect example: a clear warning against consumerism, marketing, and mass media mixed with euphoric, echoey vocals and beat-centered drum/guitar riffs. Some of their other songs on the album get even more creative, wandering away from the rock genre into instrumentals overlaid with audio clips from philosopher Alan Watts. If you’re interested in sampling a little bit more of the creative genius that is Nothing More, I recommend having a listen to Pyre. It starts off very slowly, so be patient, but if you aren’t in wonder by the end, then I have to question if you were listening at all.


And that’s it for this set of recommendations! I figured I would keep it short and sweet, condensed to the few songs that I really consider “fantastic”.

Any good tracks I missed? Leave a comment below and I’ll give it a listen. 🙂

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