Welcome, President Trump

It’s time for me to admit a truth. I am looking forward to the next four years with President Trump.

WHOA! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Put that pitchfork down and let me explain. I am an eminently rational human being, and I can explain myself. If you still think I’m a liberal heretic when I’m done, you can stab me.

Yes, I am a liberal. No, I do not love Trump. Nor did I love Hillary. But, full disclosure, I voted for Hillary. I didn’t want Trump as president for a variety of personal reasons, many of them related to how the international community would view a Trump-led and Trump-supported America. However, I have accepted that Trump will become president and I’m now thinking how things will change in the future.

And I’m excited. Yes, excited.

Why? Because now many more Americans will care about “every day” politics. Trump threatens to build a wall, making America a less welcome place for immigrants. So we fight. We demonstrate. We write millions of letters to our senators and representatives, bogging down their mail system and sending a point — Trump may have become the figurehead of America, but we are the American people. We are not powerless. Together, we are powerful.

But to become powerful, we need to unite. And this is where my educated, techy friends come in. I want to see websites, apps, social media platforms that are created with one purpose: to discuss political issues and methods for demonstrating for/against them. I want free video lessons for people on how to address issues with less emotion and more logic. To reduce the “us versus them” mentality. To engender respect, even through disagreement. I want an app that will tell me “Hey! There’s a new tutorial up about issues related to low-income Americans in your voting state. Also, you marked political interest in this wall being built. There’s a demonstration going on near you at 8pm tonight.”

And I want people to go to the rallies. Rallies in support of their issues and rallies against. Because how many of us regularly attend demonstrations? I want people to go to opposing demonstrations and to listen politely and to ask questions to understand why the other person feels that way. And maybe you don’t change your opinion, but at least you understand why the other side thinks the way they do. Because too many of my friends have said all-encompassing, judgmental sentences like “Anyone who votes for Trump is an idiot”. Either put in the work to call yourself an open-minded, rational person, or at least be cognizant of your bias.

I see many posts on Facebook about how if President Trump is elected, the poster will move to a foreign country. Well, to heck with that. What, the chips are down so you decide to bail? Like it or not, we are American people. We are part of a country. And if everyone who dissents just decides to move away, or lose hope, when an undesired political change occurs, then we will never evolve as a people, as a country. Rise to the challenge. Find what you can do. There is so, so much potential for the future.

There are probably many issues with the opinions I’ve written here. I’m probably too optimistic. But dreams can turn to plans, and plans can turn to reality. So I don’t mind my optimism. And I’m ready to fight. To demonstrate. To speak. To listen. To learn.

Yes. I am excited.

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  1. Well said, my awesome daughter! I was disheartened with the result of the election ( Hilary won the populous vote) because I personally don’t like the man, or at least what I’ve seen. But I do agree with you in your thoughts and comments, and I look forward to changes, good and bad, in the next 4+ years!!

  2. Hey Jenni…..long time friend of your mom…she was a student of mine! I’ve been interested in following political commentary for 25 years. Here are a few people who will offer another perspective…Herman Cain, African American presidential candidate in 2012. The left got him to drop out….4 woman came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. He sued all 4 after the election….all had lied and 3 were paid by the democratic party. Sarah Palin who was tge govenor of Alaska as you remember. The left tried to make her look incompetent even after having served in all levels of government in your state. …but they supported Obama who had very little experience. Dr. Ben Carson, world known for his miracles he performed. He was doing well but without government experience he was made to look incompetent. …as the chief of staff of surgery for years at John Hopkins….and I think he was given that at 35 years old….he could probably have done the necessary brain surgery on the government. The news media was so biased toward Clinton and clearly did not cover what the people who supported Trump were interested in that the Democrats are now in shock. For a more balanced network watch Fox and Fox business. Good luck….enjoy the journey!

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